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Hungary's 6th largest producer of mill products

About us

Our company was founded on 23 June 2014 to operate the milling plant of Törökszentmiklós, which has a 100-year tradition.

The facility has 2 60-tonne road scales and a grain storage capacity of almost 40,000 tonnes, where it can store more than half of its annual raw material requirements.

Its main activity is the milling of standard (astivum) wheat associated with the country's first Bühler mill with a capacity of 288 tonnes per day, which is supplied to its customers in bulk, bags and small retail packs for the baking, food and retail industries. Its own brand is the "Kunsági" brand, which has a tradition of more than 50 years and enjoys national and international protection. More than one third of the products are exported.


In 2019, our profile was expanded with the addition of the most modern corn mill in Central Europe, built in Karcag. Modern technology allows the production of both edible and industrial corn flour, grits, special extrusion products.


To meet modern nutritional needs, we operate a separate mill to produce high-fibre rye, spelt, wholemeal wheat and graham flour.


This year's new range of products includes spicy and enzyme-inactivated (non-spicy) mustard flavourings for industrial use.


Our company operates all its production activities in a certified HACCP and IFS quality system, and our feed production (wheat bran) is audited according to GMP+ principles.


From the purchase of the Törökszentmiklós site from liquidation, we have now become the 6th largest producer of mill products in the country.